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About Us

We started Kotak Kasut with a mission and that is to provide affordable accounting for startups and small business founders. We know that being a small business founder, you often juggle multiple roles in search of a scaleable, repeatable and profitable business model.


The last thing you want is to get bogged down with fines for non-compliance with SSM or LHDN or learning how to categorise expenses into the right accounts. We think your time is much too valuable to spend behind the desk sorting out receipts.


We want you to spend more time planning on your next move based on our compiled financial numbers and get outside of the building to learn more about your customers. Let us sit inside and worry about the admin while you go out and change the world with your business vision. It is what you are meant to do!

Choose your Kotak

Pick a frugal Starter Kotak for businesses that are just starting up or a Mini Kotak that scale with your business needs. All our accounting kotak come as they are, no extra charges — transparent and no hidden fees.


60 Transactions per year

Package include:

Annual cost: RM1200

Per Month:

RM 100


30 Transactions per month

Package Include:

Annual cost: RM2400

Per Month:

RM 200


Tailor fit packages

Need more than starter and mini kotak? We understand that startups and businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Call us to discuss a tailor fit packages to suit your business needs today!

Contact us for tailor fit package cost:



What Our Customers Say

"Very Professional"

"Kotak Kasut is very quick and professional. They are very helpful and patient in helping me understand my financials."

"Great Service"

"Starting up new business can be overwhelming and who have the time to deal with paperwork when you are busy chasing the revenues! Kotak Kasut provide great service and care throughout the year."

"Reasonably Priced"

"The service is great and reasonably priced."








Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri: 9am - 3pm

Area of Service


Kuala lumpur

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